I believe in being a part of the community we work in.

I know the town, the people, and the facilities available.

I am a Full-Time REALTOR®. Real Estate is my only business

You may know Jim through:

Past President of the Kiwanis Club of St. Thomas

Past Director and Vice Chair of Elgin Community Development Corporation.

Past Chair of the St. Thomas and District Chamber of Commerce

His 34 years at Dana and his dedication to the community

Director and Past Chair Economic Development Corp. of St. Thomas

Director and Chair St.Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce

Past Chair of Strategic Action Committee

Past Director Family & Children’s Services

Volunteer fireman for 25 years, Deputy Chief for 5 years

Cash Crop Farmer

Past Board Member United Way

Want to make all the Right Choices in real estate?
Want a REALTOR® working with you that knows the business?

TOGETHER: We can work to make your dreams a reality.
The decision making process will be easier.
Residential, commercial & industrial real estate transactionswill be dealt with in an expedient and professional manner.